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Suraj Water Park

Sunday, April 12, 2015 11:57 AM

Suraj Water Park Logo

Suraj Water Park in Thane


Suraj Water park in located at Thane District in thane west Ghodbunder, It's Amazing Water Park, They have so many slide themes, Suraj Water Park it's very near for thane and mumbai people.

Suraj Water Park have Unique and customized themes.

Suraj Water is a reasonable place. Decent people come there. Suraj water park food is very good taste and cheap. Kids is making fun & noise in Suraj Water Park.

Kids make a fun and create some noise in Suraj Water Park. It's a Great Entertainment in Suraj Water Park.


Talk to us and know more about us:

Call us on:

Tel : - 022 2597 4747 Fax : - 022 2597 4742

Park Timing 10.00:am to 6.00:pm

Tickets Information

Entry Rate for Holi Day – 6th March 2015

Rs. 800/- adult (above 4’6”) without food.
Rs. 600/- child (3’.6” to 4’.6” without food.

Monday to Friday

Adult: Entry Rs. 650/- (Above 4’.6” height)

Child: According to height From 3’.6” to 4’.6” Rs. 500/- Below 3’.6” height Free

Saturday & Sunday Adult: Entry Rs. 800/- (Above 4’.6” height)

Child: According to height From 3’.6” to 4’.6” Rs. 600/-

Below 3’.6” height Free

General Information

Rent Rs 30/-
Deposit Rs 100/-
Incase of loss of locker keys, deposit of Rs 70/- will not be returned.

For a Ride

  • Fibre Cave
  • Dhadkan Sab Ke Dil Ki
  • Rim-Zim Baarish Hall
  • Ding-Dong-Sing-Song
  • Shiv Ganga
  • Rainbow Slides
  • Ulat Palat
  • Wave Pool
  • Labak-Zabak-Matak- Slide
  • Museum of Antique Locks
  • Har Har Gange

Suraj Water Park Water Sliding

Suraj Water Park Har Har Gange

Suraj Water Park Swimming Pool

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